Membership access includes

Haven Aero now presents the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership without the heavy time and financial commitments. As a member of Haven Aero, you can enjoy all the convenience and luxury of a private aircraft experience at a fraction of what it costs to own. Get access to a wide variety of aircraft types to meet all your needs.  

  • Far more destination options for direct flights into smaller airports. 
  • Thoughtful personal attention to comfort and lifestyle requests. 
  • Members can book aircraft up to 12 months in advance (non-members can only book 30 days in advance). This gives you prime early access to book for high demand travel days (such as holidays and sporting events) to ensure you can travel on the dates you want. 
  • Members will benefit from fixed hourly rates. Non-members may be subject to flex demand pricing during holidays, peak travel dates, last-minute pop-up trips and other times of high aircraft demand. 
  • Members get first notification of empty trip legs and open seat options. These may be sold at a discounted rate. 
  • Access to our worldwide flight brokerage.   
  • No Layovers. 
  • No TSA Lines. 
  • One time in person on-boarding process. Makes for simple one call booking. 
  • Access to exclusive member only events. 
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